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    Installing Syspedia is very easy and can be done very quickly.  Depending on the desired configuration and Syspedia's 100% Java runtime environment Syspedia can be operational in an afternoon.
    • Decide what meta data you need capture and research

    • Research where Syspedia can be integrated into your change control process

    • What web server or DBMS will be used for storing the extensive Syspedia meta data

    Syspedia - Pricing

    Syspedia is sold through server based licensing.  Based on the Syspedia modules desired, the price can range widely starting with a base configuration or a leased or a quarterly fee structure.  This flexible pricing makes Syspedia the best meta data analytics value available at only a fraction of what other vendors charge for all types of security, compliance and meta data research initiatives. 
    • COBOL DB2, IMS, CICS Meta Data Modules

    • SQL Cross Reference Meta Data Module

    • JCL Plus Meta Data modules

    • CICS Extensions Meta Data modules

    • Java SQL Meta Data Class, Method & Database Dependencies

    • .NET Meta Data module

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