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    Analyze Everything and Anything

    Syspedia was designed from the ground up to access all your enterprise environments from COBOL to Java to .NET easily.  Key features that allow Syspedia’s metadata repository to be this flexible are that Syspedia:

    • Is a 100% Java-based product so that it can run on any platform.
    • Searches within your applications for element level details, easily recognizing common generic file layout formats and other language or platform specific elements, SQL or keywords.
    • Imports definitions directly into its metadata repository from XML or other DBMS compatible interfaces.
    • Is accessible through a web browser or a simple command line interface.
    • Interfaces with most, if not all, file systems and databases on Windows, UNIX and z/OS.
    A Java Based Repository

    Syspedia is designed to interface and integrate easily into your enterprise’s environments and development lifecycle.

    The Knowledge Discovery Extract Modules are designed to be incorporated or interface with any expanded source code. This allows Syspedia’s metadata repository to have the most up-to-date information regarding your systems, applications and data elements.

    Extract processing is based on the source module timestamp. This data is used to determine whether or not changes should be captured.

    Contact us to learn more about Syspedia’s comprehensive metadata repository extraction process.  
    Command Line Simplicity

    Syspedia’s Knowledge Discovery component is a Java-based Command Line executed process that can extract any information from any platform. This simple command line interface provides the administrator ultimate flexibility to integrate Syspedia into the development and production change management process.

    Because it’s so flexible, Syspedia’s metadata repository will allow you the ability to insure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, PII, PCI and other regulations and the ability to streamline procedures while maintaining data integrity.

    Since the Knowledge Discovery component can be installed in a variety of database configurations [link to pre-requisites] and uses standard JDBC connectivity, it can be easily configured into your network. 

    Explore Syspedia’s ease within your environment. Contact us for a free trial.
    Security-Enabled Metadata Repository

    Security of your enterprise information is guarded by several inherent layers with Syspedia:

    The product is deployed on the application server of your choice which can be guarded within your company-personnel-only intranet.

    • The DBMS and Syspedia’s Business Process Analysis Metadata Repository leverage your existing skills and database security practices.
    • A secure ID and password are needed to log onto the Syspedia web interface which can incorporate your current LAN or intranet application standards.
    • Syspedia leverages all these different components to keep your data safe.
    Contact us to learn more about Syspedia's security.
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