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Syspedia's Metadata Repository Provides Business Benefits

Syspedia is a cross-platform, enterprise-wide metadata management solution and metadata repository that provides the following benefits to your organization:
  • Allows rapid change with data integrity

  • Protects valuable information assets

  • Keeps maintenance costs down

  • Reduces disconnect between disparate systems    

Syspedia’s metadata repository gives you the power of a single interface to an extraordinary amount of information about your data landscape, its interaction with your systems, business rules and enterprise relationships.

Support Rapid Change with Syspedia’s Metadata Repository

Forty years of system development has led to a need for metadata management due to:

  • Different ways of reporting data

  • Data in different formats

  • Multiple codes for the same data element

  • Different IT platforms, languages and methodologies  

A metadata repository provides business analysts, data administrators and application developers with details on data, file, program, application, and system interaction and the element level. Syspedia automatically and quickly builds a comprehensive profile of an application or system to support rapid systems development, necessary to maintain competitive advantage in today’s world.  Best of breed companies rely on metadata management systems, like Syspedia, to:

  • Maintain the ability to uncover data usage and data disparities

  • Reuse and integration of existing systems

  • Leverage a single source of business information captured from all IT systems in use in a company

Syspedia is Unique

Syspedia is unique in the metadata repository space because it allows business analysts, data stewards and systems developers to access information about vital IT assets from anywhere using Syspedia’s metadata management system to support rapid change.

See how Syspedia metadata repository can bring rapid return on investment to your organization with its 100% Java metadata management application.

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