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  • Syspedia Metadata Repository Benefits
    Syspedia's metadata management solution provides a wide range of organizational benefits. This metadata repository helps you:
    • Reduce IT costs

    • Increase operational efficiency

    • Improve data asset utilization

    • Integrate global operations

    Good Metadata Management Reduces IT Costs

    Most companies have a tangled nightmare of systems, platforms, data types, business rules, etc. that makes maintenance difficult and development of new systems slower and more expensive than business need demands. Good metadata management with a metadata repository like Syspedia supports your efforts to lower IT costs through: 

    • Elimination of expensive and under-utilized applications and data storage

    • Reduced time spent on impact analysis

    • Identification of opportunities for application and data consolidation

    With good metadata management, you’ll be able to reduce costs both in the number of person-hours required to develop and maintain system software, but also in the computing and storage costs for programs and data. 

    Operational Efficiency Is Improved

    Lack of knowledge about data assets costs businesses hundreds of millions of dollars every year.  Most Fortune 500 organizations suffer from the inability to:

    • Effectively understand their data assets

    • Standardize their data definitions

    • Capture business rules

    • Understand process decisions

    • Objectively assess data relationships

    Without good metadata management, the explosive data growth of today’s systems continues to cost corporations millions of dollars.

    Metadata Management Pays Off in Integrated Global Systems

    The ability of Syspedia’s metadata management system allows you to look across all of your systems, at any level you need to do so, whether it be departmentally, company-wide or throughout the global enterprise. Because of its unique cross-platform design, Syspedia allows you to access your data quickly and efficiently from the point of view you desire.

    Integrated global systems provide immediate cost savings to the organization because of less duplication of effort, data and processes.  A good metadata repository is essential in times of mergers and acquisitions, as well as during re-engineering and streamlining efforts.

    Learn more about  Syspedia’s metadata management features.





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