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    Support and Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions: Please see the section titled FAQ for answers to common questions.

    Technical support is available at no charge as described below. The best way to report problems is with an email with supporting screen shots with a description of the error condition sent to   You can also send e-mail to or postal mail to Syspedia Computing, Inc., 3213 Duke Street Suite 805, Alexandria, VA 22314.

    When reporting problems, please include the following information:

    • Is the problem re-producible? If so, please describe how?
    • What version of Operating system are you running? Mainframe, UNIX, Windows?
    • Are you running (Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, UNIX, AIX, Linux, etc.)?
    • What version of Syspedia are you running? (To see what version of Syspedia you have, choose About Syspedia from the Help menu.)
    • Please include the entire "version" line in your problem report. If a dialog box with an error message was displayed, please include the full text of the dialog box, including the text in the title bar.
    • If the problem involves an external program, what version of the failing program are you using? Please see the section titled System Requirements for minimum version numbers for these programs.
    • Note: You can get screen help by choosing the Screen Help from the Help Menu at any time while Syspedia is active This will display detailed helpful information related to that particular screen.

    Worldwide Support outside the U.S. and Canada may vary. Please contact the establishment from which you obtained your PSI-Syspedia product.  In most cases support will be provided through phone or email interaction.

    To check whether you have the most recent version of Syspediaź, please check the Syspedia home page at

    Conditions: PSI-Syspedia’s support services are subject to then-current prices, terms, and conditions, which are subject to change without notice.


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