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    So many options

    Syspedia is designed to interface and integrate easily into your enterprise's various environments and development lifecycle.  It does this by having very generic basic prerequisites.  The following is a list of the minimum required software:

    • Windows 2000/XP or UNIX compatible operating system

    • Apache Tomcat 4.0 or better

    • Java Version 1.4 or better

    • Web browser - Internet Explorer compatible Version 6 or better

    • Windows or UNIX Command line interface

    • Java Database Connectivity - JDBC 2.0 or better

    • Database system with JDBC 2.0 connectivity:

      • DB2 (preferred) zOS or Linux, UNIX and Windows

        • Version 8 or better

      • Oracle

        • Version 8.01 or better

      • SQLServer 2003 or 2008

      • MySQL Version 4

    The product components are Java based and can be accessed through a web browser or through a simple command line interface.  Syspedia interfaces with most if not all file systems and databases to quickly and easily extract your data element information into the Syspedia Business Process Analysis Repository.

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